Still seeking bios of modern-day UUism from fellow UUs

Well I have not yet received any bios of modern-day Unitarian Universalism (UU) from my fellow UUs so I will repeat me request for some:

Bast on your experiences and observations with Unitarian Universalism (UU) and its institutions, groups, people and places of communal gathering, well however flowed those experiences and observations might be, do try and put together a somewhat, brief bio of modern-day UUism. The bio can be don as a visual art or even a video piece or if you prefer it can be don as a written piece. Just as long as it can be uploaded and posted right here. Well either in the form of a comment from you or as a contribution sent to me by e-mail (, with the phrase “UU Bio” in the subject line. And as you put together your bio of modern-day UUism do keep in mind those profiles that you are asked to fill out by sites like Facebook and Flicker wen you join.

Why am I seeking bios on modern-day UUism from varying UUs? Well to hopefully find out what we all as UUs see as the identity of this religion to which we are a part of. And to hopefully draw some observations and recommendations from the findings, what ever they may end up being.

I have also put together a bio of modern-day UUism of my own so you can have an example to fallow or not if you wish (my bio of modern-day UUism part 1, part 2 and part 3). Just keep in mind that mine might be a little long so you may want to be a little more on the shorter side or maybe like me you will have to much to say and have  to have a long bio. Well all I can say is just send me whatever you end up coming up with and I will post it here. So I look forward to seeing them all flow in, hopefully soon.


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