A UU survey/questioner?

This past summer I started to work on what I had hoped would be a survey/questioner. One which would fined out what those that consider themselves havening been raised Unitarian Universalist (UU) and/or participated in Young Religious Unitarian Universalists (YRUU) thought about certain UU things. Things like what they thought are the native (i.e. things not found elsewhere) aspects of UU. I also envisioned it asking ware are these things found within UU. In addison it was going to ask UUs that came to UU as adults what they thought about these things including what they thought the raised and YRUU UU thought about theses things. But the USB drive it was one got damaged so the survey/questioner got lost.

Since then I have been doing some more thinking about this survey/questioner and, I have decided that I may have been writing it from a non neutral point of view. I was writing it with the belief that what I have been calling UU Ecstatic Traditions and others have called Circle UU is the only thing within UU that contains truly native UU things (i.e. things not having sprung up out of a past tradition but rather crated by UU’s for UUs). I see now this may not be a good bases for a survey/questioner as I will only get back what I wont to hear. That said I still think some of the things that the survey/questioner was going to try and find out are thinks we as UU’s don’t look at enough. I just need to find a way of gathering this info that dos not assume so much and is rather more open to getting answers back that challenge my viewpoint if that is how others truly see things. I am not saying a survey/questioner is a bad way of getting this info form UU folks but just that I have to go about it differently. I should say I was raised UU doing UU Ecstatic Traditions in Sunday school and during my time with YRUU so I am probably a bit biased in my view of UU.

So ware do I go from here with this survey/questioner idea? Well I ask you to help me craft some good questions. So bring on your question suggestions. One more thing I will be using Polldaddy as me survey platform.


2 responses to “A UU survey/questioner?

  1. It’s funny how things change as you get older–or, rather, how things remain the same as you change. I grew up UU and did plenty of circle worship. It was fun at the time and now bores me. I associate it with a time in my life when I was younger and a lot less mature, intellectually, spiritually, and by-the-calendar. Now I get my UU fix in the ordinary Protestanty services we hold on Sunday mornings, and it feels right and fits who I am now, even though I’m technically still within the “young adult” age demographic. So while I recognize that circle worship and its associated activities have a place within UUism, now I understand that they’re just one style, for some people, and maybe mostly for a certain stage of life. If they’re the real heart of UUism, then it seems that would mean UUism is immature, in my estimation. But I don’t really believe that. I felt UU in Sunday school, and UU in young adult circle-style fun, and feel UU now with the adults in the pews. UU is what is in the heart, not in the ritual form. That’s what I’ve finally learned.

    So that’s what you need to be asking questions about. What is the heart of UUs? Don’t get stuck on the outside appearance–this guy’s a hippy, that chick is square, these dudes are sitting in rows while the minister talks, those folks are singing to the Goddess while spiraling in opposite directions. You can’t tell anything from the form, and it’s all just an excuse to project your own ritual preferences. You have to dig underneath to find the essence of UUism. That’s where you’ll find the good stuff. Good luck with your project, it’s worth pursuing.


  2. Jeff thanks for your comments and encouragement. If I wasn’t open to heiring points of view that differ from mine I would never have started this web site and project. First off I don’t see stuff like UU circle worship as only appropriate or desired by one age group amongst the UU population. Rather as thing that folks which are oriented more towards a need for visceral moments in their worship and religious/spiritual life gravitate towards and benefit more from. I also think we as UU’s tend to accept more expression of this from our younger UU’s (youth and children) then we do from our adult UU’s. This being said I do think humans at least as we are raised here in the west have more of a need for this kind of stuff in our childhood particularly wen we are youth then wen we are adults. Also one of the reasons we do not see more young folks in UU circles wonting or expressing a need for the kind of stuff adult UU’s do on Sunday mornings may be because we emphasize UU circle worship as the youth way of doing UU worship. And why we do not have more adult UU’s asking for stuff like UU circle worship may be because we emphasize UU circle worship as the youth way of doing UU worship.


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