About UU Quest

UU Quest is a journey being taken to help create further language, language which will greatly aid in the describing of the experiences experienced by those who went throw Unitarian Universalist (UU) Sunday school and or Young Religious Unitarian Universalists (YRUU)/Liberal Religious Youth (LRY). Yes language that will not only help to describe these experiences but also attempt to describe the traditions which, are native to UU society and the fundamental elements of these experiences, not to mention the heart and soul of UUism for those that go throw them.

UU Quest also aims to help the wider UU community come to terms with, the differences of cultural and spiritual reference that exist between raised UU and those that come to UU community as adults, and what that means for the wider UU identity and its places of communal gathering. As well UU Quest seeks to help UUs of all ages to crate and maintain what Sharon Hwang Colligan describes in her document “Children of a Different Tribe – UU Young Adult Developmental Issues” as the Magic Pool.

UU Quest seeks to achieve all this by, first off gathering a list of web links to relevant resources/documents to which the quest members will find useful. Secondly by getting people to summit short bios depicting how they see UUism today. Thirdly by creating and implementing a survey. A survey that will attempt to find out what individual UUs think and feel about certain UU things, such as its culture, rituals, identity and their relationship to wider UUism, including its individuals and its places of communal gathering. Some of the voices, UU Quest hops to hear from include current UUs, with some hopefully being alumnus of LRY, current and past YRUUers, Ministers of Religious Education and Directress of Religious Education, Sunday school teachers and facilitators, and youth advisors. Plus also hearing from former UUs, some of which hopefully were, past YRUUers/LRYers, Ministers of Religious Education and Directors of Religious Education, Sunday school teachers and facilitators, and youth advisors.

And the ultimate goal of UU Quest is to turn all this gathered info into either a documentary (film or some sort of mixed/multimedia document) and or resource guide plus a series of experiential workshop modules. But until then all that is gathered will be available right on the UU Quest web site, which is also being called UU Quest.

Who is undertaking this UU quest? Well for right now it is just raised and current UU Devin Kira Murphy who, is presently living in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. But hopefully others will come join in on this quest, if not for its entirety at least a good portion of it. So if you have resources, skills/talents, time and or energies to which you may want to contribute you can by sending an e-mail to Devin Kira Murphy at realm_dee@yahoo.ca, with “UU Quest” in the subject line.


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