UU Documents And Resources

This is an alphabetical list of Unitarian Universalist related documents and resources (such as blog poets, historical material and, archive web sites) from all over the internet that hopefully will be found fascinating and of use to those involved and/or interested in the aims of UU quest. Their web locations have been indicated, whether that be a blog, the Internet Archive or other kind of web site. If you have or know of additional UU documents or resources on the internet that you think would make a worthy addition to this list you can send their link(s) via e-mail to Devin Murphy at realm_dee@yahoo.ca, with “UU Quest Documents And Resources” in the subject line. If Devin feels they fit, they will be added. Devin will be liberal in determining if they fit.

Bits & Pieces

·Your Children are not Your Own


·Growing up Unitarian Universalist

City of Refuge

·Unitarian Universalist Identity, Creeds & Covenant


·February FUUn Facts
·History section of cuc.ca

cuc.ca (old version)

·Defining Ourselves: Six Sources of Unitarianism


·An experiment in alternative worship


·Growing up Unitarian Universalist

Inner Light, Radiant Life

·Belief and the Unitarian Universalist

Internet Archive

·C*UUYAN and campus ministries web site (old version)
·YRUU web site (final version)


·Open Letter to a Kindred Spirit: Why I am UU


·Some Unitarian Universalist Youth History


·Raised UU
·Circle Worship
·In Community
·It’s Not Foolish To Want A Place Here
·You Saved Me
·Take A Trip And Remember It Fore All Time
·YG Goodbye

Many Questions

·On Growing Up Unitarian-Universalist


·Multiple Cores of Unitarian Universalism


·Truly Deep UUism – A Lifelong UU’s Vision
·Do lifelong UU identifying young folk feel connected to UUism?
·While growing up Unitarian Universalist…
·Some Unitarian Universalist young adult questions and concerns

Ruth Hinkle

·Crossing the Bridge: UU Young Adulthood includes a link to her paper “The Disconnect Between Unitarian Universalist Youth and Adults”

Sharon Hwang Colligan

·Some UU (UUYAN) stuff including “Children of a Different Tribe: UU Young Adult Developmental Issues”

Spirituality and Sunflowers

·Category Archives: YRUU
·Category Archives: UU Young Adult

Sunflower Chalice


The Chaliceblog

·Response to TK – CC’s stab at Church Polity for UU Noobs

the deep moans round with many voices

·wherein Liz reflects on the impact of being raised Unitarian Universalist

The Religious Studies Portal

·UU Pamphlets

Throw yourself like seed

·U+ : A worksheet to facilitate your practice
·U+ A Unitarian way of life


·Being UU at Home


·Commission on Appraisal (COA) Reports in particular “Engaging Our Theological Diversity”
·Historical Youth Documents
·Resources and Links for Contemporary Worship including “Cresting from the Ocean: Creating Profound Worship”


·Growing Up Unitarian Universalist

UU Essentials

·All content

UU Growth Blog

·Growth Resources
·The Cost of Losing Our Children – guest post by Rev. Christana Wille McKnight
·“Born UU Who Stuck and Why” survey by the Rev. Terry Sweetser


·Growing up as a UU

UU World

·The unfulfilled dream

Yet Another Person’s Thoughts

·English Paper: Unitarian Universalism

Yet Another Unitarian Universalist, v.1

·Some criteria for seriously innovative worship

YRUU Institutional Memory Project

·All content


·All content


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